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Your Wedding Eve and Morning: A Photographer's Tips for the Perfect Start

Hi Future Bride

As your wedding day begins to inch closer and closer, the excitement and anticipation are starting to build. As a wedding photographer who has really gotten to sit back and watch this process of journeying with brides on their big day for the last several years, I wanted to share some tips and key things you should be doing on the night before and morning of your big day in order to look and feel your best.

The Day Before Your Wedding:

1. Relax and Unwind: Easier said than done but try and relax. It could be a quiet dinner with family, or watching just your favorite movie - just about anything to calm those nerves of yours.

2. Hydration and Eating: Keep hydrated and have a good meal. Avoid anything too salty or heavy that could cause a bloat or discomfort.

3. Prepare a Wedding Day Bag: Make sure you have packed everything for the next day - makeup, perfumes, bijouterie and any other necessity. Check it twice!

4. Beauty Sleep is Essential: Try to get at least an 8-hour sleep. Fresh eyes make great photos!

5. Find Time to Reflect and Connect: Take a few moments to reflect back on how the journey has been so far; it's going to be such a beautiful day.

The Morning of Your Wedding:

1. Start with a Healthy Breakfast: Go for something light, yet filling. Avoid anything that leaves you lugging along that 'never well-set tummy'.

2. Keep up a Tensed-Free Beauty Regimen: Be it application or styling, give yourself those generous hours so you do not have to keep rushing.

3. Wear a Button-Down Shirt: This makes changing into your dress easier without disturbing your hair and makeup.

4. Take a Moment for Yourself: Just before the hustle and bustle starts, take that moment to breathe and center yourself. Remember, this day inscribes celebrating love and charging into your itinerary.

5. Stay Hydrated: Keep sipping water. It's easily forgotten, in the excitement but staying hydrated is key to looking fresh.

6. Embrace Every Moment: Nothing is going to go along perfect as it should be, that's fine. Embrace imperfections and enjoy every moment of your day.

Remember this is your wedding day celebrating love and while you certainly want everything as perfect as can be, the main point is this commitment being made between two people. Trust in your planning, trust your loved ones to help make your special day 'perfect', but most of all trust yourself. You're going to be one beautiful bride!

Warm wishes,


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