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Capturing the Heart: The Emotion-Filled Bond Between Brides and Mothers

Updated: Feb 23

Hi Bride to be!

When planning our wedding I remembered that I wanted to dance with my dad and were thinking of the song we will dance to because obviously I am a daddy’s girl. My mom helped me with our wedding planning, going to wedding planner, dress fitting and we also went to bridal expos. My mom was involved in all the wedding planning. She was my rock. She did have a lot going on with a house full of kids, running a household and doing everything a mother does.

The day of the wedding everything went smoothly but the moment that stood out the most for me from our entire wedding day were honestly not my father daughter dance, it was the moments my mom helped me get dressed, put on my necklace I got from Heinrich as a gift, my mom helping me with my earrings and sharing an intimate look with my mom just after she were done with my earrings even though there were 2 kids riding on their scooters around the dining room table and it was complete chaos at that moment, this moment with my mom will stay with me forever.


So, the reason why I am writing this blog is because our mothers get “overlooked” when it comes to the wedding day. I have seen how important it is to do a reveal for dad, dad walking you down the aisle and don’t get me wrong it is super special, and I have done the same with my dad, but I also think that we should make our mothers also feel special during our wedding day.

Here is a few ideas on making your mom feel extra special on your wedding day:


Have a last breakfast or coffee together:

Take that time and have a cup of coffee with your mom the morning of your wedding. Spend some time with just her, this might be the last time you wake up in your childhood room, walking out of your bedroom and have a sit-down coffee in your PJs with your mom.


Getting ready for the wedding

During hair and make up for your wedding, things do get hectic, your bridesmaid, flower girls, make up, hairstylist, photographer and videographer is there and you might feel overwhelmed. But I can almost promise you that you will just have to say “mom” and she will be there quietly sitting somewhere and just look at you and think of the little girl you are in her eyes. So involve her, take that extra photo that she wants, this will mean the world to her.


Small acts of appreciation

As I said earlier, we all do our first reveal for dad and that is super special, but why not let your bridesmaid help you get dressed and do the first reveal for both your mom and dad. If this is not for you why not let mom help you get dressed, pull up your zip, bottom the last bottom on your dress, small gestures go a long way. A small gift for mom to say thank you and have a special moment after you got dressed and hand over the gift to show appreciation.

Uniting Two Hearts

A beautiful moment is to involve both moms and do a candle lighting symbolizing two families becoming one. Have your moms light a candle during your ceremony and then you and your groom light a new candle symbolizing your unity and starting a new family.

But with all said, the most special thing we can do for our mothers is having quiet reflections during your wedding. Where you give each other a loving heartfelt look during your ceremony and reception. 

Your wedding day is a one in a lifetime celebration, one where you should take in all the small moments and the love you share with each other and your families. You have selected this handful of people in your lifes to celebrate you and your love. But remember you are also celebrating the love and kindness that were given by your mom (and dad) and that you will bring into your lives together.


Warm Wishes



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