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Moments don't just happen

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

As photographer I’ve had to develop the skills to guide my clients, to be them and act natural infront of the camera and to create opportunities to capture great moments.

From teaching them HOW TO STAND so it looks good and natural on camera to then nudge them to DO SOMETHING that will create a moment hat feels authentic and real. Those awwwww moments.

You might think but Heinrich if the couple is engaged to get married and they in-love there should be loads of moments to capture. Yes maybe but only if they didn’t know you are capturing them. That said, people get stage fright and it happens subconsciously. That’s where I as photographer have to put them at ease and guide them to be them, naturally.

That all said here's a few tips to keep in mind during your shoot.

  1. Speak with confidence, don't ask your clients to do something that they are not. Remember you want to create a safe space for them to act natural.

  2. Teach them how to stand. Learn a few poses and expand from there.

  3. Lead them in and through the various moments.

  4. This might be a simple one but SHOW AND BE EXCITED when you capture a great shot. AND SHOW your clients!!! They really do want to know that they are doing things right and that they look good in the process.

  5. HAVE FUN!!!! Another simple one but it goes a loooooong way!

I love what I do and have loads of fun doing it. When you are confident and have fun, guide your couples to be themselves naturally, they will have fun and you will capture great images just like these great moments I captured with Ricardo & Annika recently.

Should you want to book a shoot with session with me feel free to and let's capture some great moments.

Thank you,



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