The Ring Shot

July 21, 2017

I love capturing weddings! They're crazy, they're busy, but weddings... are a lot of fun! By now you know me and that I love to be creative. However, nothing challenges me as much as getting the 'perfect' ring shot. We have all seen that ring in the box photo, it's been done over and over again. 


Now on a wedding day there are very few, if none at all, moments that stand still. However, you have to create those moments. It's at the time when you take images of the flowers, the dress, shoes and so forth. Now, all of those things are nice to shoot, but the ring shot... hmmmm, I want it to stand out. It's a symbol of love & unity. It has not only monetary value but as time goes the sentimental value will far override the momentary value. Just think, it's the one thing that will be on you 'til the day you die. So why not take a beautiful image of it?


I have chosen a few of my favorites that I've taken over the last 18 months and compiled them below. As time goes, I will add to this collection. I trust you will enjoy them as much as I do.


Every one has a special meaning to me, I can remember what I thought in that moment, the chaos around me, the stories they tell. For instance, the image with the hands and the sand was a beach wedding and the couple were celebrating their 20 year anniversary. Any other shot just would not have made sense. The purple shoes.... well the wedding theme was Beauty and the Beast, so a fairytale kinda shot was needed. The aloe image was taken on the West Coast, it was a surprise wedding. Yes, suprise we're getting married... well Yzerontein is known for its Fynbos and I really enjoyed the look of the aloes... the rings looked perfect there. I can go on, but I guess I'll let you enjoy the images...









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