They Say: Can I tell you a Story

June 12, 2017

I want to tell you a story.

But not just any story. One that needs to be heard. But, before I run ahead of myself I want to tell you a Story first of a remarkable Story teller. There are many story tellers out there. But not many that goes above and beyond that what is asked, especially if you are a voice that speaks for others. Often at times those story tellers are not the heroes, because not all stories have heroes. Some are sad and some does not have a happily ever after..... but that story does not have to end there, does it? Wel before I run ahead of myself can I tell you about a story teller, a hero in my eyes.  


Her name is Catherine, Catherine Constantinides. 


Instagram, funny little social App that don't you think? It has an incredible way of linking people through the power of visual content. Its true when the say a photo speaks a 1000 words. It also has the power to connect people. I hear you ask where are you going with this now? Well you see, the thing is its through Instagram on my @InstCPTguy account how I met Catherine. I can't exactly recall how. I guess that does not really matter, what matter is the fact our path did cross through this incredible app. And through this I became a link into extending Catherines story. 


Soon I started learning about Catherine and her journey. I quote the following from 21 Icons ( )


 “People will look at me and they’ll put me in a specific box,” Catherine Constantinides says. “As we do,” she concedes. “It’s human nature.” Tall, blonde and beautiful though she may be, underestimating her is a mistake. Refusing to let circumstances dictate her path, it is the choices she has made that define her.  

Her passion for protecting the environment and educating South Africa’s youth about environmental concerns is palpable. She is visibly fervent, unrelenting in her insistence that it is the ordinary men and women who have the greatest stake in the climate change crisis, and who must become involved. “We need to teach people to dream and to hope because it’s only when members of society become active citizens that we can achieve change,” she says.


But to get back to why I started sharing this story of Catherine, I want to eco her voice, her cry and plea for justice in Western Sahara. More specifically the Saharawi people that's been kept in refugee camps for the last 41 years. Now you might tell me that impossible, read for yourself a post Catherine wrote on the matter. (link below). Well its time we stand together and sing as one voice. Alone Catherine can't do much but, we all can stand together to tell and share a story of the lost and forgotten people in the Western Sahara. 


How you may ask. Think of it this way, next time someone says 'Did you know they say" answer from the top your head "there is people illegally kept in the Western Sahara for more than 40 years already" and start telling the Story. Lets get this people back to their home land and have a "Happily ever after". 


Closing in Catherines words, "I will tell your story". 


Thank you, 




Huffington Post:

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Below: Late last year I had the incredible opportunity to meet Catherine face to face for the fist time and take some images of her.

Location: Pipetrack, Table Mountain National Park, Cape Town.









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