Living A connected life

October 25, 2016


Its 5:30 and I’m beginning to awake from a buzzing sound just doesn’t seem to go away. 5 minutes later and that sound awakes me again. Its time to wake up. Its another day. I grab my phone before doing anything. Not even able to focus properly I read through various notifications from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and any other not so important content. Get dressed; drink coffee… check notifications (again) and 20 min later, I’m on my way to work. Its still dark outside as I commute to work and 20 minutes late I arrive where I start setting up my day. But first check those notifications again. So what makes this day different to any other? Nothing...... It’s all the same, apart from a few minor unforeseen circumstances on some odd days. Another coffee later and I’m sitting in front of my 21” Computer Screen going through emails. I notice the time and see it almost 7am, time to post my daily Instagram photo. I grab a image from my cloud space, download it and post on Instagram via my phone. I take that image then share it on Twitter and Facebook. And so a day of constant notifications from one post on various sites starts again.


Back to my computer I go and so my day starts getting busier as graphic designer. I look up to my computer screen again and start working on a design. At 10 am I look down on my phone and get distracted by the notifications bussing though. I’ve been awake now for 4½ hours and have spent about 3½ of that looking at a screen.


Moving along by 5:30pm I’ve managed to get stuck into my design properly. Finished it and started another. I’ve been awake for 12 hours and spend about 10 hours of that glued to either my phone, iPad or computer screen. By this time I start to notice the throbbing migraine on my head. This is not something new, I have one about every day. Depending on the amount of hours spend looking at my various screens. My eyes actually hurt as I drive home.


I need to focus…. Getting home turns into the daily grind of feeding the pets. Making dinner but not without doing some notification checking in between. By 7pm it time to go sit and carry on working. This time I’m busy editing a video I recently captured. By 9h30 I finally stand up go shower and get ready for bed. 10pm I lay in bed browsing through everything I already saw today…. Because you know what.... maybe I’m missed something. I respond to some messages and by 10h30 I’m ready to call it a day. I was awake for 17hours and spend approximately 13 hours of that glued looking into some sort of screen. This was my day… and tomorrow I’ll will do it again.



Living a connected life will probably never end. But I can look after my eyes.... How do you I hear you ask. Well Eyezen came if with some incredible technology in their sense to help your eyes cope with the constant looking at screens. I must say I've been using the Eyezen lenses for a couple of weeks now and its really been great. I used to suffer from massive migraines on a daily basis. Lately I hardly get them. I write it off due to the fact that my eyes don't need to constantly work so hard focusing on multiple screens especially close up.




So......, I have teamed up with the guys from Essilor and OneSight. They will fit a child with frames and lenses after they have undergone an eye examination for every 100 likes per post.

(On Facebook or Instagram My Instagram handle is @ InstaCPTguy please go like my post

But wait there more..... In addition, you stand a chance to win an iPad Mini. All you have to do is like Essilor South Africa on Facebook or follow on Instagram and post an image that reflects their digital lifestyles including #Eyezen4Me.

The competition is already live and will end at the end of July 2016. The winner will be randomly selected from entrants on both platforms and will be announced in August 2016.

More about Essilor


Essilor is the world’s leading provider of eyeglass lenses employing 48 700 employees in 58 countries. Our success remains closely linked to the way in which we work to meet needs around the world. Our number one priority has always been you, our customer. So we’ve been busy improving the way people see the world for over 160 years. And we love what we do.


At Essilor, we drive many initiatives that support the eyecare professionals and we make it our priority to provide eye care to those who might not otherwise afford it. We are proud to be a part of helping the world see better. Providing better vision for as many people as possible around the world is an ambition and a responsibility for Essilor which is promoted on a daily basis by all employees.

More about OneSight


OneSight is a non-profit organisation founded in 1988 and has since provided vision care access to 9 million people worldwide - access they previously never had. Their mission is to provide every person with universal access to local, permanent and sustainable vision centres around the world. Aligned with a team of international volunteers, including optometrists, opticians and other eye care experts, OneSight provides world-class service and eyewear.



Please help Share (by liking & sharing this message) and lets get kids seeing better. Also like this above Image on Instagram.

Thank you,

Till next time....





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