Good Combinations make some things Work better

October 25, 2016


Some things just go well together, Like French fries and Tomato sauce for instance. Or Laurel & Hardy maybe even the likes of Charles and Eddy. Thing is these things or people can function quite well alone but do you want to separate them? That’s the big question? So what am I getting at? My current situation looks like this. Its cold outside, there is spots of rain in the air. I’ve just returned from a photo shoot. And my body now needs food and coffee, good food and great coffee. I pull up to Vida Café take out my camera, laptop and go inside. My order is not different to any of my previous here. One Mucho cappuccino and a Bacon & Avo burger.


As I sit down and wait I open up my camera pull out my Lexar Memory Pro card and download the images of my shoot onto my computer. The images look great , mission accomplished, well almost. As I take a sip of my coffee I start to think about this concept of things that work well together. Now you might say to me but Heinrich your Lexar Memory Cards don’t work well with Vida Coffee. But that’s just the thing right… I do. I thoroughly enjoy a good coffee and the stronger the better. Its not that I’m dependent on it I just choose not to go without it. It’s the best around and that too might be a bias opinion but my opinion is based on having had my fair share of bad coffee. The same goes to say for my Memory Cards from Lexar.



Someone once asked me how do you know the difference between your Hi Speed card and the cheap one that came with the camera? Besides overall build quality I weren't really sure how to answer that at the time, I found out the answer a few weeks ago on a Cape Town Helicopter shoot. We flew to Cape Point and back.




Our flight was about 1hr30min and 1h15min into our flight I filled up my Second Lexar Professional 32gig x1000 cards. I reverted to putting in a 400-speed card and within seconds I had my answer to the above question. The processing of the images from camera to card took MUCH longer. And when one doesn’t have time on your side to get THAT Shot! Speed matters. So, besides the speed and what else my Pro Lexar card can do for me like the incredible data recovery should I delete or loose images let me not get away from my story.


As I look down my Vida Bacon & Avo Burger gets placed in front of me. It immediately brings a smile to my face. This is by far one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. And trust me I’ve had a few.



I told my client Ill send some images over as soon as I have some ready. I finish my burger pull out my Lexar M20i Flash drive. Yet another great combination between my computer and phone. I transfer a few images across to the drive plug it into my phone and transfer across.




A few minutes later My clients has his images, I’ve shared them with the world on my various social platforms and I feel fueled up and ready to tackle the next challenge. Now you might argue that my combinations does not make sense but it does. To me at least. It makes me function better and in this day and age I need to be at the top of my game.


Till next time,




Heinrich Knoetze.







For more on Vida Visit them at: or

For more on Lexar Memory visit them at: Lexar or

For more on Helicopter Trips in Cape Town visit Cape Town Helicopters at: Cape Town Helicopters or or

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