Tips when postponing your wedding.

The last thing you think of when planning your wedding day and finding the perfect date for your wedding is, what if I have to postpone my wedding?

I know for a fact that was the last thing I thought of when we decided on a wedding date, but with lockdown happening and all the restrictions before lockdown many brides and grooms had to postpone their wedding. This is not maybe costing you a lot of money but also the guest coming from far and wide to attend your wedding.

Here is some tips when postponing your wedding day:

Remember a lot of people is in the same boat as you, so don't stress too much about it.

First get a couple of dates from your venue that they can accommodate you with. When you get these dates from your venue, sent these dates to your vendors.

We asked client this time around sending us the dates but also the 2 or 3 dates that they prefer most. With the 2 or 3 dates, they were able to secure a date that was available with all their vendors.

Once you have secured your new date with all your vendors, talk to your immediate family and bridal party about the new date that was set.

Next will be letting your guest know that a new date has been set.

Here is some easy ways to let your guest know about the new date:

  • Text message and/or Whatsapp

  • Email

If you don't feel like doing it one by one try the following:

  • Set up a Whatsapp group where only admin (you and hubby-to-be) can sent messages,

  • Private group / page on Facebook where you can post all your latest news about your wedding.

If you made use of a website invite you can update your site and send the invite to all your guest again.

Remember mostly that you do not need to worry about things that still need to be done when postponing your wedding cause everything that should have been done has been done.

Now you can really just countdown the days to your new wedding date.

Remember to still enjoy your "original" wedding date. Give yourself a mani and pedi, while drinking a glass of champagne. Do this via video call if we still in lockdown and do it with your girls.

Then... spend the rest of the day with your fiance.

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