Date (Night) Ideas

Pack a picknic basket 

and go to your 

favorite spot.

Watch the sun go

down and just quality spend time together. 

Hire a biclycle on the Promenade for an afternoon and go explore the coastline together. 

Go for a drive and find a 'hidden gem' coffee shop

Go for a walk in nature or on the beach 

Try a resturant you have never tried before

Explore a famers market and enjoy the different foodstalls

Did someone say arcade?

Go see a movie. Flip a coin to decide who picks if you have differing opinions!

Make to meal together. Go all out, set the table, light the candles. Even if you drink Oros out of a crystal glasses. Make it memorable and fun.  

Take time togehter to delight yourself in the Lord. Pray & Talk about your dreams and desires.

Make Him the focus.

(Psalm 37v4)

Go ziplining

Go for dinner or sunset picknic and watch the city lights from Signal Hill 

Play a game of tennis together or do a workout together.


  Basketball? Golf? 

Go wine tasting and expore new vinyards & wine estates.

Spend a night at a fancy hotel you like. 

*Anniversary idea

Driving Range;

Put-Put; Adventure Golf or Golf?

Go hit some balls together 

Volunteer or visit shelter. 

Book tickets to a show or concert. 

Hike Lionshead for sunrise and watch the city come alive

Take cooking a lesson 

Be a tourist in your own city for a day.

Visit the botanical gardens.

Visit a museum

Take a dance lesson 

Visit the aquarium 

Go watch a your favorite sport or game 

Do you have more ideas to add to the list of Date (Night) Ideas? Add them in the comments! We love to mix it up, and not do the same, old boring things all the time! Bookmark this post so you don’t lose this list next time you need something to do on date night!